Qiang Qi Ling

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Oh NO !! Pain again... This is the N times, that I'm having this pain... Are you one of them?

Not only that, it comes in pairs, commonly leads to headache disorders. 

Female has 2.4x probability of getting Migraine! 

Migraine is the 6th highest chronic pain in the world
Confuse between a normal headache and migraine? This could lead to a wrong treatment.

Tips to differentiate

Do you have some of the above symptoms ?

In fact, there are certain things that can “trigger” your migraine !

So, how do people normally relief migraines?

Here are the common SOLUTIONs

Tried all of the above. None of it helps...
Introducing the next best in class solution for you.

Formulated since 1988, combining 7 Active Herbs ingredient that effectively treats

Shoulder Pain / Neck Pain / Muscle Pain

Are you suitable to consume Qiang Qi Ling?

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Qiang Qi Ling Capsules 强气灵 mygreenmed
Qiang Qi Ling Capsules 强气灵 mygreenmed
Qiang Qi Ling Capsules 强气灵 mygreenmed

Qiang Qi Ling


Approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health [ MAL20021330T ]

DOSAGE: Adults - Take 1 capsule daily after breakfast.

Qiang Qi Ling ingredients are made with 100% natural herbs. This is a dietary supplement to help reduce your migraine prevalence instead of pain killer. To ensure you can take Qiang Qi Ling Capsules with confidence, MYGREENMED offers unique herbs formula to treat the root cause of migraine. Tested free with heavy metal, steroid, mercury, an microbes free.