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Qiang Qi Ling – Healthcare product in Malaysia | Mygreenmed

Try Qiang Qi Ling Healthcare Product in Malaysia And Start To Cure The Root Cause Of Your Pain 

Delivering Natural solution Since 1988

Are you suffering these as well for some time ?

And it always comes in pairs, commonly leads to headache disorders. 

Female has 2.4x probability of getting Migraine! 

Migraine is the 6th highest chronic pain in the world
Confuse between a normal headache and migraine? This could lead to a wrong treatment.

Tips to differentiate

In fact, there are certain things that can “trigger” your migraine !

So, how do people normally relief migraines?

Here are the common SOLUTIONs

Tried all of the above. None of it helps ?
Try this and start to cure the root cause of your pain

Formulated since 1988, combining 7 Active Herbs ingredient that effectively treats

Who should consume Qiang Qi Ling ?

Let's see what our customer says about

Recommended by Pharmacist Customer 


Free Returning in seal condition

Support 24/7

Qiang Qi Ling Capsules 强气灵 mygreenmed
Qiang Qi Ling Capsules 强气灵 mygreenmed
Qiang Qi Ling Capsules 强气灵 mygreenmed
Qiang Qi Ling Capsules 强气灵 mygreenmed
Qiang Qi Ling Capsules 强气灵 mygreenmed

Qiang Qi Ling

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Approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health [ MAL20021330T ]

1 box (60 capsules) - RM199. [ 2 months consumption ]

Qiang Qi Ling has a history of 30 years that successfully helped more than 20,000 of customer in solving their pain problems. 

Indication : 

  • Treat Migraine
  • Improve Neck Pain
  • Improve Shoulder Pain
  • Improve Muscle Pain

DOSAGE: Adults - Take 1 capsule daily after breakfast.

Ingredients : Glycyrrhiza Glabra 10mg, Radix Angelicae Dahuricae 30mg, Sargassum 10mg, Ramulus Cinnamomi 10mg, Ramulus Mori 20mg, Radix Ginseng 50mg, Flos Chrysanthemi Indici 40mg

Source of Capsule: Vegetable Capsule


  • 调理偏头痛
  • 疏解肌肉疼痛
  • 疏解肩痛
  • 疏解手臂疼痛

成分: 人参(50毫克), 野菊花(40毫克), 海藻(40毫克), 白芷(30毫克), 桑枝(20毫克), 桂枝(10毫克), 甘草(10毫克) 

使用方式: 成人:每次一粒,每日一次,早餐饭后服用

60粒/盒 - 可服用超过 2 个月