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About Us

About Us

Health Product Company in Malaysia

Who Are We

MYGREENMED has grown significantly since its establishment in 1988, serving the Malaysian healthcare industry. It started as a pharmaceutical manufacturer in the central area and expanded its operations to hospital, pharmacies, and TCM medical halls. Over the years, the company has invested in upgrading its manufacturing techniques, expanding its product range, and increasing its workforce's professional knowledge.

The company is passionate about promoting public health and improving the quality of life, which is reflected in its diverse range of healthcare products. It is actively seeking partnerships to expand its business through various channels, such as E-commerce, retail, import & export, and M-commerce. This forward-thinking approach is indicative of the company's commitment to growth and innovation in the healthcare industry.




Being transparent in the business practices and live up to our mission to seek, create and promote efficacious, safe and beneficial healthcare products.

Providing customers focused marketing strategy with strong marketing concepts and excellence customer service to achieve our clients' objectives.

Delivery highest level of professionalism credibility, and integrity to all the stakeholders.

Ensuring consistency in increasing products' market share, to achieve sustainability of the company, through excellent customer service in terms of service-minded attitudes, timeline management, and positive detail attention.