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About Us

About Us

Health Product Company in Malaysia

Who Are We


Mentari Yakin Sdn Bhd started serving the Malaysia healthcare industry back in year 1988. It started with pharmaceutical manufacturer background in the central area, then continue strengthen its traditional medicine market position by venturing into a diverse pharmaceutical marketing trading company with the market brand as MYGreenMed 格恩美.

From its humble beginnings more than 30 years ago, Mentari Yakin Sdn Bhd has passed several times moving, equipment improving, staff amount growing, manufacturing technique upgrading, products scale expanding, and professional knowledge strengthening during these years following the progress of society.

We are passionate to promote the public's dietetic health and raise living quality in professional and responsible manner running business industriously. As a healthcare marketing company committed to nature, we truly appreciate the art of unique blend of natural ingredient that is effective and holistic. With our belief and dedication to use ethics to run our business today, only those which fulfilled the stringent requirement are hand-picked and featured in our finest range of natural medicine. We are looking to become the leading marketing partner in leveraging local businesses into global extent by actively looking for partners to expand our business through E-commerce, retail, import & export, and M-commerce.

Mygreenmed ensures the Naturalism, Value, Variety in health products in Malaysia.


Have you ever wondered if health problems can be solved naturally? If you had, you have came to the right place. We are here to present to you a new solution specially tailored to provide a hassle-free lifestyle where problems are solved naturally.

Our humble story started when we believe in a philosophy that there is a natural solution to every problem which same applies to healthcare. It is our belief that there are active elements in natural ingredients that are actually able to treat the root cause of many common healthcare complications that compromises the quality of our daily life. That is where the concept of Green Medicine was born, where lifestyle being made better with natural medicines. 

MYGreenMed - The unique blend of natural ingredients that treat the Root Cause instead of shuffling around the Symptoms.


Why put aside natural medicine? Its the original medicine used for thousand years; Modern medicine was only discovered 100 years ago. The world is going green, technologies are going green, its time for medialign="justify"cine to go green too. Never be afraid to stand out from the crowd and stand up for what’s right! Forget about choosing the right medicine when you’re sick; Choose the right medicine so you don’t get sick!




    Being transparent in the business practices and live up to our mission to seek, create and promote efficacious, safe and beneficial healthcare products.

    Providing customers focused marketing strategy with strong marketing concepts and excellence customer service to achieve our clients' objectives.

    Delivery highest level of professionalism credibility, and integrity to all the stakeholders.

    Ensuring consistency in increasing products' market share, to achieve sustainability of the company, through excellent customer service in terms of service-minded attitudes, timeline management, and positive detail attention.