Yang Yuen Capsules 养颜

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Appproved by Malaysia Ministry of Health : MAL 20021332T 

Yang Yuen has a history of 30 years that successfully helped more than 10,000 of women in improving their menstrual health.

Ingredients: Glycyrrhizia glabra 1(10mg),Wild Ginseng(70mg),Astragalus Membrancelus Fiseh(20mg),Radix Codono Psitos(20mg),Radix Et Rhizomo Rehmanniae(10mg),Angelina Polymorpha(70mg).

Usage: Adult:1 capsule taken onow daily before breakfast.Recommend to stop during period.

60 capsules / box - can consumed up to 2 months


使用方式: 成人:每次一粒,每日一次,早餐饭前服用.建议在月经期间停止服用。

成分: 甘草(10mg),泡参(70mg),北茋(20mg),当归(20mg),党参(10mg),熟地黄(70mg).

60粒/盒 - 可服用超过 2 个月